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 At Limestone Clinic, we help our clients with a wide variety of issues from anxiety and depression, to dealing with trauma. We match you with one of the therapists on our team to join you on your journey to transforming your life.

The cost for a standard 50-minute session ranges from $150 to $300/session depending on the therapist.

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Kingston Psychotherapy

Jodi Basch

Grief Guru & Illness Adjustment Instructor

Registered Psychotherapist, B.Ed., M.Ed.

A strong addition to our Kingston team at Limestone Clinic, Jodi is a psychotherapy provider specializing in grief, illness and injury issues, adjusting to cancer diagnoses, and student stress. A teacher at heart, Jodi is also expert at helping her clients understand how to conquer anxiety and depression.

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Dr. Kris Boksman

Top Banana

Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Director, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Dr. Boksman is a mom of two little boys. She likes drinking too much coffee, lifting weights, reading novels, gardening, and time with her family. Dr. Boksman has a special interest in helping parents with the rewarding but confusing journeys of parenthood. She also specializes in the treatment of depression, trauma recovery, and healing from narcissistic abuse.

Sarah Goodfield Weinstein

Organization Officer

*COMING SOON* Registered Occupational Therapist, B.A., M.Sc.(OT)

Sarah used to help us behind the front desk, and she is now a licensed mental health care professional, working through our online therapy platform and offering treatment for individuals who have stress and burnout, time management and organization difficulties, anxiety, and depression. As a licensed Occupational Therapist, Sarah's approach is action-oriented cognitive behavioral therapy, with a focus on active, in-the-moment coping skills, and on getting you started again on the activities that matter to you most.


Taylor Jackson

Distress Demolisher

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), B.A., M.A.

Taylor comes to us at Limestone Clinic after extensive in-depth study in the most effective classical approaches to treating trauma. A natural therapist and problem-solver, Taylor's specialized training helps to give her a special insight into the treatment of depression and anxiety, injury adjustment and workplace injuries. She is exquisitely poised to help with the mental health needs of individuals who are coping with traumatic and chronic mental distress.

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Jessica Lankmann

Worry Warrior & Behaviour Boss

Registered Psychotherapist, B.S.T., M.A.

Jessica is a sharp and enthusiastic therapist with a knack for rapidly minimizing anxiety who is also known for her behavioural change expertise. She is motivated to help her clients quickly and efficiently. Jessica offers supportive cognitive and behaviour therapy to individuals experiencing anxiety, eating and other behaviour problems, burnout and stress, adjustment problems, psychological injuries, including PTSD, and those who wish to change health habits and lifestyle for the better.

Marla Maskis

Trauma Torcher & Addictions Arse-Kicker

Registered Psychotherapist, B.A.

Marla is a warm and approachable therapist who believes in the power of hope and the resiliency of the human spirit.  A seasoned therapist, she knows how to help, and derives deep personal satisfaction from helping people throw their trauma and addictions issues to the curb. Marla offers supportive cognitive and behaviour therapy to individuals experiencing addictions, anxiety, burnout and stress, depression, illness or injury adjustment problems, and PTSD.

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Laura Nicholson

Anxiety Annihilator (& OCD CEO)

Clinical Psychologist, L.S.P., C.Psych.

Our bubbly and friendly clinical psychologist hailing from the prairies, keen to fill her therapy roster to the max, Laura is pleased to offer her decades of experience to help individuals feel better quickly! Laura specializes in effective, supportive, and client-focused treatment of anxiety, OCD, and trauma using custom-blended combinations of tried-and-true methods and down-to-earth strategies that really help.

Mathew Rippeyoung

Partnership Pivoter

Clinical Psychologist, M.A., C.Psych.

Matthew Rippeyoung, our experienced and whip-smart therapist provides virtual treatment and diagnostic services. With a knack for telling it like it is, fostering growth, and with a generous schmear of compassion mixed in, Matthew is our office's couples empathy enhancing expert. Not one to be tied to only one area of genius, he also offers treatment for anxiety, depression, stress and burnout, life adjustments, identity issues.


Sonya Watson

Cognitive Challenge Conqueress

Registered Psychotherapist, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed.

Sonya, our high school teacher and learning and education expert, offers online therapy. Sonya specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders, as well as therapeutic coaching for all, including those who have learning disabilities and ADHD, Sonya helps time management, learning and study skills, and optimal preparation for high-stakes licensing and other exams.

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Fiona Woodman

Gen-Z Genie

Clinical Social Worker, M.S.W., R.S.W.

A funny and witty Clinical Social Worker, Fiona joins Limestone Clinic with a special affinity for working with young adults. A huge fan of our Gen Z movers and shakers, Fiona expertly targets her years of experience treating anxiety, depression, and trauma toward helping young adults reach their goals and dreams. Well-equipped to use CBT, DBT, and traditional therapy approaches, Fiona strives to create the right mix of techniques for each fantastic client.


Spunky Sidekick

Professional Cuddler, M.A. (Treats), Obedience Dropout

Waylon accompanies Dr. Boksman in some of her appointments. He loves greeting clients and provides support with treat-fueled cuddles, wags, and chin-scratches. He's had several painful surgeries and is a bit wobbly on his feet, but steadfast of heart. Coming to work at the office was his own therapy to become more confident after a serious spinal injury.


Head of Hospitality

Obedient Therapy Companion, B. Sc. (Doggy Discipline)

Watson accompanies Jessica in some of her therapy sessions. He is a softy at heart, always watching his mama, enjoying treats, pats, and cuddles, and basically all the attention he can get. Ask this 27 lb. load of cuteness for a hi-five next time you're in.

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