Virtual Team Meeting

Meet our Dream Team

 Heya! At Limestone Clinic, our team works together to efficiently help our clients with the concerns that they want to get traction upon. We match you with one of the therapists on our team to join you on your journey to transforming your life.

Our therapists are vetted for skill, approachability, and effectiveness. To be eligible to work with us, they all must have the fundamental skills needed to work with anxiety, depression, and trauma. But, they each have their unique skills and attributes that make them especially great in certain niches, too. We've taken a few moments to provide you with brief descriptions of each staff member's Zones of Genius to help you get a better sense as to our team's diversity of skill and knowledge.

How would we describe our team? They're nice! And smart! And nice! After all, if we don't like having lunch with them, we're not recommending them to you for treatment services. Don't worry. None of us are perfect. And, we're probably just a smidgeon weird. We don't focus on fancy work clothing or perfect hairdos (but we do appreciate good hair days). We show up, as real people, ready to align with you, do the work that results in healing, and cheer you on. We're the Limestone Clinic Team, but we're also Team Frank (if your name is Frank), or Team Gina, or Team Monty... you get the idea.


We're on YOUR team. You're in good hands. Come meet us!

(In case this is also helpful so you don't have to tromp all over the friggin website to get the info you need - the cost for a standard 50-minute counselling session ranges from $99 +tax to $300, depending on the therapy provider.)

Ready to speak with a therapist?

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Dr. Kris Boksman

Intensive Interventionist, Bad Mood Badass

Clinical Psychologist & Owner, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Dr. Kris is a mom of two very loud and lovable boys. She likes drinking too much coffee, thinking about the exercising she would like to do, and having fun with her hairstyles. Dr. Kris's Jedi-power is quickly getting to the roots of emotional dysregulation problems, and helping people process through these pain points, so she works in an intensive services model--she does not offer weekly ongoing sessions. Dr. Kris treats depression, high-achievers (such as CEOs, lawyers, therapists, doctors, & just-plain-awesome moms). She specializes in trauma recovery, relationship-based trauma experiences, and healing from narcissistic abuse. 

Jessica Jackson, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Limestone Clinic, Kingston, Onta

Jessica Green
Anxiety Arse-Kicker & Depression Debunker

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Jessica is our newest team addition and we are very happy to have her on board. Previously a student volunteer with us, Jessica is a sharp cookie with joie-de-vivre, a winning smile (and matching attitude), and a keen eye for detail. She works with her clients who have mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression, over-stress situations, and pandemic burnout, on how to manage their emotional wellness using classical psychotherapy techniques known for their results and effectiveness, especially CBT.

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Dr. Mitchell Harris
WSIB-er Oversee-r

Clinical Psychologist & Supervisor of WSIB Services, Ph.D., C.Psych.

We are pleased as punchbuggy-no-punchbacks to welcome Dr. Harris to our team to help us with our WSIB community members. Dr. Harris has a long and distinguished career within a variety of settings including private practice, psychological service organizations, and forensic settings. Dr. Harris joins our office as the psychologist in charge of our WSIB service delivery, offering his insight and experience, cheering our clients on, and helping our team of service providers work with more injured workers than we could without his help.

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Taylor Jackson

Trauma Tromper, Distress Demolisher

Registered Psychotherapist, B.A., M.A.

Taylor comes to us at Limestone Clinic after extensive in-depth study in the most effective classical approaches to treating trauma. A natural therapist, outdoors enthusiast, and problem-solver, Taylor's specialized psychotherapy training helps to give her a special insight into the treatment of depression and anxiety, injury adjustment and workplace injuries. She is exquisitely poised to help with the mental health needs of individuals who are coping with traumatic and chronic mental distress.


Karen James
Abuse Aftereffect Amender

Registered Psychotherapist, B.A.

Limestone Clinic enthusiastically welcomes Karen, who will be available to start seeing clients in April 2021. A treasure-trove of clinical experience and information, Karen comes to us with over two decades of working with individuals overcoming difficult circumstances to rise strong in their adult lives. Karen's expertise includes helping adults work though addictions, abuse, and trauma issues. Of course, then, she also is well-versed in supporting those who experience depression and anxiety. An artist and avid learner, Karen's energy for psychotherapy and helping her clients is infectious (in a good way).

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Renee Jim

Anger Abolisher, Phobia Fixer

Registered Psychotherapist, B.A., M.A.

Renee, a bubbly, friendly, and smart therapist, has been a psychotherapist for half a decade. With a perpetual love of learning and a firm dedication to providing bar-none services, her areas of specialty are just as robust as her badass brain cells! Renee possesses knowledge of & proven effectiveness using time-tested methods that work for helping resolve anger patterns, and calming anxiety and phobias. As are all of our clinic's therapists, Renee is no stranger to assisting those with stress and burnout, depression, and workplace distress.

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Dr. Kulsoom Malik
OCD CEO & Eating Issues Expert

Clinical Psychologist (Supervised Practice), Ph.D.

Dr. Kulsoom is a psychologist joining us from the UK with over 10 years of clinical experience. While her license is finalized in Ontario, she will be working under Dr. Kris' supervision. Dr. Kulsoom is an accomplished therapist who has a track record of real results with specific expertise in Depression, Anxiety, Binge Eating Problems, Trauma Non-Recovery, & Obsessive-Compulsive issues. She is a warm, clear, and thoughtful communicator (yes! With a delectable British accent to boot!). A mom, spouse, cook, avid learner, and friendly person, Dr. Kulsoom is enthusiastically welcomed to our Limestone Clinic work family!!

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Jessica Lankmann, Clinical Director

Anxiety Annihilator & Clinic Crackerjack

Registered Psychotherapist & Clinical Director, B.S.T., M.A.

Jessica is a sharp and enthusiastic therapist with a knack for rapidly minimizing anxiety who is also known for her behavioural change expertise. She is motivated to help her clients quickly and efficiently. As our Top-Dog (a.k.a., Clinical Director), Jessica leads our therapist team with know-how and proficiency. Jessica offers supportive cognitive and behaviour therapy to individuals experiencing anxiety, eating and other behaviour problems, burnout and stress, adjustment problems, psychological injuries, including PTSD, and those who wish to change health habits and lifestyle for the better.


Ryan Schmidtke

Men's Issues Mentor, Dad Dexterity Developer

Registered Psychotherapist

Ryan is an unpretentious therapist who believes in the value and importance of the human connection in helping his clients feel better. With genuineness and approachability (oh ya, and his wicked skills, too), Ryan helps his clients figure out plans for the changes they want in their lives. Keenly sensitive to Men's Issues and the complexities of 21st-Century-Dad-Life, Ryan wants his clients to find ease and contentment in their important relationships without being saddled by shame or confusion in their emotional realities & experiences.

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Spunky Sidekick

Professional Cuddler, M.A. (Treats), Obedience Dropout

Waylon accompanies Dr. Boksman in some of her appointments. He loves greeting clients and provides support with treat-fueled cuddles, wags, and chin-scratches. He's had several painful surgeries and is a bit wobbly on his feet, but steadfast of heart. Coming to work at the office was his own therapy to become more confident after a serious spinal injury.

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Head of Hospitality

Obedient Therapy Companion, B. Sc. (Doggy Discipline)

Watson accompanies Jessica in some of her therapy sessions. He is a softy at heart, always watching his mama, enjoying treats, pats, and cuddles, and basically all the attention he can get. Ask this 27 lb. load of cuteness for a hi-five next time you're in.

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