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 At Limestone Clinic, our team works together to efficiently help our clients with a wide variety of issues from anxiety and depression, to dealing with trauma. We match you with one of the therapists on our team to join you on your journey to transforming your life.

The cost for a standard 50-minute session ranges from $150 +tax to $300/session depending on the therapist.

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Dr. Kris Boksman

Depression Doc & Intensive Interventionist

Clinical Psychologist & Owner, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Dr. Kris is a mom of two very loud and lovable boys. She likes drinking too much coffee, exercising, and tries to keep up with her kids favourite video games. Dr. Kris's skills are getting in and getting to work on the problem quickly, hence she works in an intensive services model, and does not offer weekly sessions. Dr. Kris treats depression, high-achievers and CEOs, lawyers, therapists, and doctors. She specializes in trauma recovery, relationship-based trauma experiences, and healing from narcissistic abuse. 

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Nicole Chisamore

Customer Experience Officer (CEO)

Administrative Agent, Communications Consul, Email Emissary

Hailing from a previously successful career in Real Estate, Nicole is no stranger to working quickly to help her clients achieve their goals. A detail oriented helper-by-nature, Nicole's job is to coordinate the inner workings of the clinic, and to greet our clients (virtually and otherwise) to help them onboard to the clinic with comfort and an understanding that we care and welcome them to their personal journey. An avid golfer, Nicole enjoys experimenting with bright hair colours, and tending to the needs of her sweet little pup, Buffy.

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Rebecca Flanagan

Icky Emotion Eradicator

Registered Psychotherapist, B.A., M.A.

Rebecca is a seasoned therapist with multiple areas of expertise, coming from years of experience and training. Taking your depression, anxiety, and trauma issues seriously, Rebecca's approach is to determine what each individual client needs for optimal healing in the present moment, and to do her best to offer exactly that. Experienced in EMDR, as well as assisting injured workers RTW quickly and appropriately, Rebecca adds a serious dose of smarts and get-to-it energy that helps her clients feel better as quickly as possible.

Taylor Jackson

Distress Demolisher

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), B.A., M.A.

Taylor comes to us at Limestone Clinic after extensive in-depth study in the most effective classical approaches to treating trauma. A natural therapist, outdoors enthusiast, and problem-solver, Taylor's specialized psychotherapy training helps to give her a special insight into the treatment of depression and anxiety, injury adjustment and workplace injuries. She is exquisitely poised to help with the mental health needs of individuals who are coping with traumatic and chronic mental distress.

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Renee Jim

Anger Abolisher & Grief Guru

Registered Psychotherapist, B.A., M.A.

Renee, our friendly and smart newest team addition, has been a psychotherapist for half a decade. With a perpectual love of learning and a fierce dedication to providing bar-none psychotherapy services, her areas of specialty are just as unique as she is. Renee can help you if you have anxiety, bereavement or grief, anger management difficulties, or eating regulation problems. Renee knows how to get to the root of a problem, really understand her clients, and help out, with time-tested methods that work.

Tyler Ann Lange

Administrative Gal Friday

Spreadsheet Sweet-talker, Data Cruncher, Voice of Reason

Tyler Ann has been brought into the team to help us do our jobs without hiccups, snafoos, or kerfuffles. She has a can-do attitude and she can-does! If you are wondering how we stay organized, make our paperwork happen, and manage to keep our wits about us to sort out billing, invoicing, and receipts, look no further. A mom, spouse, and guru of all-the-things that are involved in managing families and family matters, Tyler Ann is a steadying problem-solving force within our office team.

Jessica Lankmann, Clinical Director

Anxiety Annihilator & Clinic Top Dog

Registered Psychotherapist & Clinical Director, B.S.T., M.A.

Jessica is a sharp and enthusiastic therapist with a knack for rapidly minimizing anxiety who is also known for her behavioural change expertise. She is motivated to help her clients quickly and efficiently. As our Top-Dog (a.k.a., Clinical Director), Jessica leads our therapist team with know-how and proficiency. Jessica offers supportive cognitive and behaviour therapy to individuals experiencing anxiety, eating and other behaviour problems, burnout and stress, adjustment problems, psychological injuries, including PTSD, and those who wish to change health habits and lifestyle for the better.

Marla Maskis

PTSD Paladin & Addictions Arse-Kicker

Registered Psychotherapist, B.A.

Marla is a warm and approachable therapist who believes in the power of hope and the resiliency of the human spirit.  A seasoned therapist, she knows how to help, and derives deep personal satisfaction from helping people throw their trauma and addictions issues to the curb. Marla offers supportive cognitive and behaviour therapy to individuals experiencing addictions, anxiety, burnout and stress, depression, illness or injury adjustment problems, and PTSD.

Ryan Schmidtke

Dejection, Disquiet, & Dependency Detective

Registered Psychotherapist

Ryan, is a friendly and welcoming therapist who believes in the value and importance of the human connection in helping his clients feel better. He is a genuine and open clinician who is interested in meeting his clients who suffer from addictions, depression, anxiety, and trauma where they are at and working out a collaborative, respectful, and effective plan for change. Ryan wants his clients to start experiencing meaningful shifts as quickly as possible, which is why he is such a good fit for Limestone Clinic.

Tanya van Niekerk

Cognitive Behavioural Conqueress

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), M.A.

Tanya, one of our newest team members, provides her clients with a deep-dive into the factors that create real and lasting change in CBT (short for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). As a former Research Psychologist in South Africa and all-around smart-cookie, Tanya tells it like it is, while delivering transformative therapy for people who have anxiety, depression, and trauma-related challenges. No stranger to the ups and downs of life as a parent and partner, Tanya helps her clients navigate stress and burnout with clarity and confidence, and, if we can say it, a very lovely accent, to boot! :)


Helen Yohannes

Woe & Worry Wizard

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), M.A.

An energetic, genuine, warm, and intelligent psychotherapist working under the supervision of Dr. Kris, Helen works with adults who are interested to shift away from patterns of thinking and feeling that make them feel more anxious or depressed. Well-versed in talk-based methods and the value of keen attunement to her clients' needs, Helen is a big proponent of helping her clients understand how to be more self-compassionate and kind to themselves, and to witness how simple shifts in their self-talk can facilitate growth and balance. 


Spunky Sidekick

Professional Cuddler, M.A. (Treats), Obedience Dropout

Waylon accompanies Dr. Boksman in some of her appointments. He loves greeting clients and provides support with treat-fueled cuddles, wags, and chin-scratches. He's had several painful surgeries and is a bit wobbly on his feet, but steadfast of heart. Coming to work at the office was his own therapy to become more confident after a serious spinal injury.


Head of Hospitality

Obedient Therapy Companion, B. Sc. (Doggy Discipline)

Watson accompanies Jessica in some of her therapy sessions. He is a softy at heart, always watching his mama, enjoying treats, pats, and cuddles, and basically all the attention he can get. Ask this 27 lb. load of cuteness for a hi-five next time you're in.

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Office Hours

During the Coronavirus we are doing our part to maintain safe distances for all. Our entire staff is working from home, and our office is not presently open to the public.

Our phones are answered during the following times:

Mon – Fri  9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Saturday – Sunday, Closed

Online therapy hours vary by practitioner.

Please be patient with us during the COVID crisis, as our ability to connect with you quickly may be impacted by working from home and caring for family members. Please be sure to leave us a message so we know to get back to you.

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