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Therapist Positions

Clinical Psychologist, Registered Psychotherapist, or Social Worker
- Independent Contractor Up to 15 hours per week -


  • You are a licensed mental health practitioner with experience and mad skills! From your first session to the last, you love doing psychotherapy. You believe in conducting your services in a professional, ethical, well trained, and deeply caring way. You are a masterful communicator. You have excellent boundaries. You communicate well in writing. You follow instructions well, and take pride in doing a good job, through-and-through.

  • You are naturally outgoing such that your clients find you easy to connect with. You are a badass at treating anxiety, depression, or both, and you have a clearly-established track record of helping anxiety or depression sufferers get out of their own way and back into their joy of living, quickly, and effectively. You get in, do the work, and discharge your clients. When a client has done their work with you and has accomplished their therapy goals, there is NO better feeling! You may have also recognized that trauma is kind of at the heart of just about everything. You have either learned about trauma-based therapies, yourself, or, you are keen to learn more, and to start to work within the trauma sphere, as you recognize that this deeper level of understanding will transform you into a fully masterful therapist.

  • You are not a lone wolf. You really value being a part of a team, especially when partnered with others from whom you can learn and with whom you can grow. You enjoy getting to know your team members, and want to be a part of a work family.

  • You believe that as a psychotherapist, nothing provides you with as much of a learning experience as being a therapy client, yourself. You are quite proud about participating in your own mental wellness experiences, and you value the premium benefits of personal growth, recognizing that nothing else up-levels you as much in your professional life as a balanced and emotionally regulated nervous system. You know that therapy isn’t really a one-and-done endeavour, and that you may need to return to self-work as your life roles and seasons change. You do so with enthusiasm and a growth-mindset. You are motivated not to create drama in your workplace, and you take responsibility for executing your excellent self-care routines.

  • You are not a crispy-fried burnt-out therapist looking to exit public service provision without having healed up and returned yourself to health. While you may have worked at one of these types of agencies in the past, and you may have become crispy in the past before you knew better (I mean, haven't we all?), ultimately you learned about how serving everyone but never-really-being-able-to-serve-anyone-enough-because-you-are-serving-EVERYONE leeches you, and leaves you feeling ineffective, long-term. You have taken leave of this indirect job requirement long enough to do your own burnout-recovery-journey, you recognize the trickery and potential for damage in this mindset, and you are healthy, emotionally regulated, and ready for a new model for life as an employee in a new clinic, where success for your clients doesn’t come at a personal or moral cost to you.

  • You believe that success can be shared, growth should be ongoing (and is not a luxury for the lucky few), and you know that therapists can be happy, financially secure, AND do amazing work. You are ready to embrace the belief that psychotherapy is worth every penny of its fees, and you are keen to eliminate any old or limiting money mindset beliefs that result in you feeling bad about charging a fee for your services.

  • You are ready to learn new skills for working in a client-pay job, and you accept that there may be things about this job that you may need coaching and mentorship in. You’re keen to learn and 100% coachable.

  • You have a strong attention to detail and have excellent skills in organizational and interpersonal communication. You are very comfortable with using computers, and you are a quick online learner, able to teach yourself new tools without a lot of fuss or muss.

  • You want a certain amount of ease in your job. You don't want the hassle of marketing, deciphering Google Adwords, figuring out a Youtube channel, designing and maintaining websites, or any of that stuff that bogs therapists down when they open their own practices - nooooo thanks! You just want to be able to walk into your office, see your clients, complete your documentation on the same day, and follow instructions from the knowledgeable administration team about how to keep your job going right, then go home feeling satisfied with the help you have provided.

  • The idea of having clients who come into their therapy reliably and ready for change feels like a mind-blowing awesomeness you can’t wait to experience. You really don't want to have to worry about how many clients are coming in the door, if you can make your office rent and furniture payment this month, or how many marketing events or pro-bono things you need to go to in order to get the number of clients you need.



  • A very healthy referral network,

  • Administrative staff who take care of your calendaring and new client booking needs,

  • A furnished and cheerily designed office space for you to work in (once COVID is over), with an inviting waiting room and staff lounge,

  • A pay structure that is based on commission - your only limiting factor in how financially successful you can be is how many clients you see per week

In exchange, you provide team camaraderie, responsible task completion, and psychotherapy services to our clients so they can achieve mental wellness.

IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU, and your goal is to provide excellent mental health services, please make sure that you fit the requirements listed below, and please follow our instructions about how to apply, being sure to mention the words “pink baby elephant” in your cover letter in your application. Applicants who do not follow instructions will not be considered.



  • You genuinely like people

  • You have at least a Master's degree in a mental health field

  • You completed therapy practica in your graduate program

  • You are registered with a professional college that permits you to autonomously perform the controlled act of psychotherapy

  • You are a damn good therapist with proven results

  • You have training and experience with treatment of depression and anxiety within a CBT framework but you are not dependent upon manuals to guide your sessions

  • You have awesome attention to detail, observational, organizational, & interpersonal communication skills

  • You like helping out (e.g., you will change the toilet paper roll if you notice it runs out)

  • You are a whiz using computers and technology (i.e., you can scan, fax, and print stuff, you can use Excel, Word, Slack, Gmail, and are a competent web browser user who can add and use browser extension, edit .pdfs, and problem-solve independently if you get kerfuffled)

  • Having to change the toner in the printer or the paper in the debit machine won't freak you out, and you won't break the printer or the debit machine out of frustration when doing so

  • You would NEVER grab a piece of paper in the high-speed-scanner and just pull it out against the gears (Ha! NO!)

  • You are very strong in writing clinical reports and treatment updates, and you do these on time and efficiently

  • You work well in a team and independently, and you generally enjoy opportunities to socialize with your work peers

  • In your application you will provide us with letters of recommendation from former bosses, colleagues, clinical supervisors, or practicum supervisors, saved in .pdf format


If this sounds like you and your goal is to provide highly effective professional therapy services, please email our HR team, using and use subject line "IC THERAPIST APPLICATION". Please attach a .pdf version of your resume and cover letter to this email for review by our HR gurus. 


If you are a good fit, you'll be contacted by us for an initial pre-screening interview, conducted virtually. We thank all applicants who apply, however, only those super-sparkly unicorns selected for an interview will be contacted. 

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