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Let's do meaningful work together.

Hey there! Welcome to Limestone Clinic - your friendly neighbourhood team of mental health superheroes! We're a group of therapists and killer admin staff who help our community find more inner peace and less inner turmoil, no matter what life throws their way.

Who We Are 

At Limestone Clinic Kingston Counselling & Psychotherapy, we're a team of friendly and empathetic mental health professionals dedicated to helping adults in Ontario and our local communities. Using an authentic and bold approach, we provide professional yet relatable counselling and psychotherapy services to make clients feel comfortable seeking the help they need. As leaders in the mental health field, our goal is to connect with readers and show that wellness is within reach, no matter what life throws your way.

Our Mission

Our goal is to swiftly and efficiently assist clients both online and in person, by guiding them towards realizing their potential for transformative emotional, behavioural, and cognitive healing and self-improvement.


Our Values

  • Safety for employees and clients;

  • Ethical and smart decision-making;

  • Professional efficiency;

  • Solid clinical boundaries;

  • Team support;

  • Unparalleled clinical service provision;

  • Professional growth and skill progression;

  • Taking good care of ourselves so we are ready to "show up" at work, fully engaged; and,

  • Confidentiality during every step of the clinical process.

What Makes Us Different?

We pride ourselves on providing a collaborative, common-sense, client-centered approach to therapy that helps everyone feel heard and understood. But we're not just a bunch of pushover softies that are afraid to challenge, direct, and guide our clients who need it - you can trust that we'll never shy away from dropping the velvet hammer when necessary! But don't just take our word for it - we have a rock-solid reputation for excellence in the Kingston community, and our referral list is longer than the Game of Thrones series.


We have recently completed an office head-to-toe renovation and have several lovely office spaces looking for nice warm butts to put in the comfortable and supportive chairs.


Ok - That was a little weird. But whatever - we can't wait to show off our new digs and resume in-person therapy with all of you awesomesauce providers who are interested, and we'd ALSO really love to hear from those of you who are virtual and already have your butts firmly planted if you have evening or weekend availability!


We're looking for people who want to join our team and become part of a workplace that both challenges and appreciates them. We are firmly committed to being an anti-racist, anti-sexist, and LGBTQIA++ affirming workplace, and we are woman-owned and women-led. So if you're a fellow nerd or geek who loves to embrace technology, you don't mind a strong female lead, and you're humbly human and not a computer-avoiding perfectionist, you'll fit right in! But seriously tho -- if you're not comfortable with computers and learning new apps, you will not enjoy our workplace's awesomeness. And that's ok. It has to be a good match or it's not worth pursuing, right?


At Limestone Clinic, we are committed to fostering a diverse workplace, and we are an equal opportunity employer. So, if you are a qualified applicant, you will receive consideration without regard to colour, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital or family status, national origin, age, or disability. We want to add people to our team who are fun to be around, who don't take themselves too seriously (or not seriously enough!), smell nice (that's just a given in the summer, ahem), enjoy sharing, and are ready to contribute to the personal growth of their clients, their teammates, and themselves!


So, if you're ready to heal your clients and watch the ripples of health puff out like clouds of unicorn glitter into the world (well, our corner of it anyway), apply today and join us! We're dedicated to making this world a better place. Our staff of senior clinicians have been here long enough to attest that we are the OG - a safe place for clients and staff to learn and grow. Perfection not required (but a 'can-do' attitude is necessary)!!


We promise we're not perfect (ahem - haha!), but we're committed to learning and getting it "right." We believe in having the hard conversations and doing the work so that we don't replicate systems of oppression or colonization in the therapy room with our clients or in the board room with our staff.


Think you'd enjoy playing VR with us over lunch? Wanna come have a butter tart? Check out our relevant positions and express your interest using the specified channels, today!


And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email our HR team at We can't wait to welcome you to our team of mental health superheroes!

Open Positions:

  • Clinical RP Supervisor - NOT CURRENTLY HIRING

  • Psychotherapy Practicum Students - NOT HIRING


  • Early Bird Admin Assistant - POSITION FILLED

  • Co-Op Ninja Placement - NOT CURRENTLY HIRING

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