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Talk Therapy

 Adult Psychotherapy in Kingston, Ontario

Because chocolate shouldn't be your go-to strategy for managing stress.


You've not been feeling like the "you" you want to be.

Your mood(s) are off. Your thoughts are sour, worried, glass-half-empty.

Your behaviours? Well, you're doing the best you can but often it feels like you don't have much gas left in the tank to do anything effortful, and, to be honest, it feels like you're a-gonna need some huge efforts to shift how you've been feeling. All of this makes you feel like a big 'ol fail. Ashamed? Check. Look at all those happy people out there - why can't I be like that? And that makes you want to withdraw and <insert unhelpful coping strategy here> some more.

Yeah. We "get" it.

At Limestone Clinic, we’re experts in listening and helping Kingston, Ontario adults (18+) feel better. We’ll leave the judgement to those other psychotherapists. Our staff of psychologists, social workers, registered psychotherapists, and therapist interns provide support to tackle your toughest emotional issues through our weekly, online talk therapy sessions. We know that inconsistent, wishy-washy therapy just doesn’t work. Once your intake process is completed, we recommend that you commit to at least 6 – 8 sessions to ensure you can 'dig in' and make the progress you need for lasting change.

Is Talk Therapy in Kingston right for me?

  • You haven’t been motivated or engaged, or you’re feeling overwhelmed


  • You’re having trouble getting over negative events from your past


  • You’re at a point in your life where you recognize a need for a new approach to feel better, and you're ready for that change

  • You have a strong desire to do the work to build a better life for you, your family, and your relationships

  • You’re ready to commit to your wellness through weekly therapy sessions

  • You are available for online meetings on a weekly basis and have the technology you need with strong, fast wifi

How Psychotherapy Works

How Psychotherapy Works


Book your free, 15-minute phone consultation with one of our Kingston therapists to determine if you are the right fit for one another.


In your first 60-min session, we’ll take a deep-dive into your history, develop a custom therapy plan, and commit to change.


Through regular pre-booked weekly sessions, you and your therapist will work as a team to help you learn, grow, and advance in your life.

Discover a life with relief from worry, fear, burnout, & blah.

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