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Therapy Intensive

Therapy Intensives with Dr. Kris Boksman

Here's more information for you about a new, alternative approach to the one-hour-weekly therapy model, for those who are looking for deeper, more rapid change

Heya! I'm Dr. Kris. I'm a real human, a mom, a spouse, a business owner, a professional, a recovering over-achiever, a narcissistic abuse survivor, and I have recovered from PTSD/developmental trauma. Life is messy, and this stuff can be super-duper hard. Trust me, I get it. You're slogging through the mess, too? No judgement here, my friend.

Perhaps you have tried traditional weekly talk therapy models and found that they leave something to be desired. Or, maybe your weekly therapy has been going pretty well, but you're ready to bust through some barriers that have been leaving you feeling stuck in important ways.


Alternately, you may be someone who is ready to take a deep-dive into starting to change how you feel in significant ways, and take a few days to really shift your perspective and your approach to life.

Therapy Intensives are designed to be a "booster" service, or "add-on" to your regular treatment services with your therapist. This means that intensives may be attended for a limited number of sessions, generally over a one- to four-week period of time. Regular ongoing weekly appointments are not available with this service, and follow-up sessions with a psychotherapist are recommended.

Therapy intensives with me are a new offering at Limestone Clinic, and I am excited to bring this new model of care to our community! As with most health care innovations, you may not have heard about this mode of treatment delivery, and you may have questions. I encourage you to ask away by contacting the office after you read our outline of the services, below.


For those of you who have been waiting to work with me, I have been developing and perfecting this new approach over this last year and it is finally ready. I am pretty darn-tootin sure you will not be disappointed!

How do I know if a Therapy Intensive is for me?

  • You're an athlete, a professional, an executive, a student, a medical professional, or another person who needs to get well as quickly as possible

  • You are in need of immediate support to help you resume normal functioning

  • You have been participating in trauma treatment therapy, but have found it incredibly difficult to function in your everyday tasks between your traditional therapy appointments

  • You have a physical problem or illness that doctors have attributed to your mental health, but to date your medical treatments and psychotherapy have had only limited effectiveness to help the physical problem​


  • You have developmental (childhood) trauma, complex PTSD, or a tendency to dissociate more than is helpful, and you are looking for a jump-start to get more "traction" in your regular talk therapy sessions with your regular treatment provider 

  • You have experienced narcissistic abuse and have found it difficult to find a therapist who really "gets" the complex systems of abuse you have lived through, who believes you (yes, things have really been that bad), and you're ready to work with someone who knows how to help you learn to feel like a deserving human being again​



  • You are available for a longer-length therapy session (1.5 - 3 hours) during regular daytime office hours, at least once per week over 1-4 weeks

  • You are able to financially invest in this short-term therapy. (Ontario Health Insurance Plan does not pay for this therapy.)

What's involved in Intensive Therapy?

  • A preliminary screening with our receptionist, if you are new to working with Dr. Boksman. Returning clients who have previously worked with Dr. Boksman may not need to participate in a screening.

  • An online secure intake form packet completed by you, helping Dr. Boksman get to know you and your treatment targets and goals better

  • Depending upon the problem and the issues you have described in your intake packet, Dr. Boksman may schedule an initial 20-30 minute phone call with you to ensure goodness of fit for this therapy approach.

  • An initial 1.5 - 3* hour therapy appointment, consisting of:

    • "Going For the Roots": A talk-based deep-dive discovery session aiming to better understand the nature of your struggles and what's really activating your distress. This facilitates good decision-making about the most effective method to use to target your therapy, followed by, 

    • Treatment: Your specialized psychological therapy. Dr. Boksman's approach relies heavily on attuning carefully to each client's needs and presentation, and a combination of talk therapy and a mindfulness-based and eye-position-based neurological therapy that permits the body's nervous system to deeply process and release emotional stuck points and traumas, called Brainspotting.​

* For optimal initial treatment session results, given the time necessary for the deep-dive, a initial 3-hour session is strongly recommended.​ Following the initial appointment, additional appointment durations may vary according to client needs.

What are the benefits of Therapy Intensives?

  • Getting your therapy done more quickly relative to the one-hour a week traditional model, to help you see benefits sooner, and move on with your life sooner

  • Participation in a type of therapy that tends to move clients more quickly toward relief.* This is both related to the efficacy of the therapy method used, and because in an intensive model we are not spending time on “check-ins”, beginnings and ends of sessions, time spent reporting on symptoms session after session

  • Less inconvenience, less life interruption, and no long-term need to commit to regular weekly appointments**

  • Ability to schedule more intensive sessions later on, when/if needed **​​*

  • Reduced financial fallout and costs from unattended mental/physical distress, reduced ability to function, need for sick time and disability, or inefficiency in your important life roles

  • Increased anonymity of treatment, if accessing therapy outside of your home community is preferred


* Note: This therapy model doesn't guarantee a quick "cure" from all emotional or physical problems, and results vary greatly from person to person and complexity of initial problem presentation and psychological defense mechanisms

** Regular weekly therapy appointments may be indicated, depending upon symptom presentation and severity, degree of life interruption from the physical/emotional distress, and number of intensive sessions received


*** With Dr. Boksman's approval, and depending upon availability

How it Works


Discuss the suitability of a therapy intensive with our reception staff. Register with the clinic and book a preliminary appointment time.


Before your first session date is confirmed, you’ll fill out our online intake forms and Dr. Boksman will review them. If needed, she will call you to follow up on any necessary points or items.


In your intensive session, you and Dr. Boksman will explore how to best assist you, what issue will be most impactful to target, and you'll begin your work together.

If you have mental health needs that are not a good fit with our Intensive Therapy service offerings, you can click here to learn more about our talk therapy services.

You can also click here for help with suicidal thoughts and plans.

Intensive therapy appointments are charged at $350 per hour, no doctor referrals are necessary, and a portion of the fees paid may be reimbursed by extended health benefit plans that cover Psychological Services delivered by an Ontario licensed Psychologist.

Fees are due on the day services are provided, and you will be issued a receipt to use for tax and extended health benefits submission purposes. We are not able to reimburse any fees that are not covered by your insurance, and we recommend that you check your plan's rates and eligibility requirements carefully before booking your appointment. Cancellations received with less than 48 business hours are subject to the full multi-hour fee for booked services.


Please note: Intensive Therapy appointments are not for those experiencing severe paranoia, explosive rage, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, active and untreated addiction, or signs of psychosis (these signs are hallucinations or delusions, which are experiencing things that do not exist as if they are real, and difficulty with thinking based in reality - these are basically problems with knowing what is real and what is not). Dr. Boksman does not specialize in these specific need areas and cannot accept referrals for these problem types.

Dr. Boksman regrets that, due to bad faith actions on the part of certain auto insurers in the past, she is unable to accept automobile accident claimants for therapy to be funded by their insurers; however, you may pay for your treatment and submit your receipts to your insurer for reimbursement, if eligible. Dr. Boksman is not an expert witness who testifies in court, and she does not prepare treatment summaries or diagnostic reports for court use. Psychological reports are not produced as a part of the Intensive Therapy service. 

Please ask about our Court Policy if you plan to be in court for a matter related to your requested treatment.

Detailed reporting requirements must be presented before the first therapy appointment, and the feasibility of extensive reporting will need to be discussed. If you require a formal psychological assessment to facilitate payment for services by an insurer, Limestone Clinic may be able to assist you, but Dr. Boksman's availability is very limited. Please call to inquire about such needs.

Don't wait—start receiving the help you need, when you need it.

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