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Online Therapy by Limestone Clinic

Convenient Online Counselling & Psychotherapy for Ontario Clients

Maybe you are so strapped for time these days you can't manage to get to the self-care appointments you know you need, and the time-savings of not having to drive, find change, feed the meter, and drive back is appealing.

Maybe you have health considerations and an online appointment best suits your physical needs and COVID risk-tolerance preferences.

Maybe you've run out of deodorant and today you're niffy.

Or, maybe you just don't really fancy wearing pants. It happens <shrug>.

Are you finding life's demands a little tricky to manage right now?

You could use some extra support to deal with the uncertainty and numerous unknowns. It's getting harder and harder to keep your moods, your stress, your worry in check. Maybe you have noticed that things are getting to you more than you expected, without your usual coping strategies and your usual level of activity and social support to lean on. 

We understand the impact of today's life and our current situation upon our clients. We offer all of our therapy services via virtual video online <best results> or phone appointments <less recommended but can do in a pinch> to best meet the needs of our community members.


We are here for you.

Online therapy, which we've been doing for a really long time now, aims to help you with your mental wellness in these busy and complicated times. From single-session to regular weekly appointments, we have offerings to help your specific situation and assist you in making the progress you want to see. 

For whatever reasons online therapy is optimal for you, you can experience transformational online therapy from the comfort of your own home.

HOLD UP. YOU -- over there - yeah, YOU. You're feeling skeptical?

Can we be direct communicators here for a moment? Somewhere along the lines many people came up with a pretty big misconception about online therapy. Like, that because it is online, it won't work. Maybe you're really not convinced that working together, at a distance, is doomed to fail, because it's "not the same."

Can I ask you - like, why?

Let's do a little experiment, here. Do you think we sprinkle the office couches with fairy dust, or put something extra helpful in that coffee we served before the pandemic? Well, we don't have fairy dust, and we're not allowed to spike anyone's drinks in any way. What we do do (ha ha - made you think "doo-doo") is just plain good work. Unless you have a phobia of someone looking at you through an online camera, there's pretty much nothing different about what we can do from our home offices compared to what we can do in person.

If you have a fear of being viewed online using your computer's camera - guess what??! We can help you with that! (oh snap!)

And virtually, you can't smell our coffee breath. (eep! busted! haha!)

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FAQs about Online Psychotherapy and Counselling in Kingston, ON

Is Virtual Psychotherapy or Counselling right for me?

  • You need a little professional support right now, to help you through these hard times, and you're interested in a series of treatments, or even just a single session to help you get a boost

  • You're not feeling like the 'you' you want to be and you've been struggling to make important things happen

  • Your negative moods or behaviors are not going away, and it feels like your challenges are taking over despite your best efforts

  • You're ready to learn about yourself, the world around you, and the way you do things in a new and different way

  • You have access to a private space to talk, and a phone or high-speed internet connection with a camera through a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone,  and are ready to commit to your wellness

  • You agree that, if you decide to not wear pants, nobody will be any the wiser (we're not into those kinds of surprises, mmkay?)

What should I expect in online counselling?

  • You book a free consultation or a full-length first appointment with us by sending us a message or phoning our virtual admin staff.

  • Once you and your therapist decide to work together, ou and your therapist will get really curious about all the things that are going on that are related to your specific problems.

  • Check out information in our more specific therapy pages, below, for additional information.

How Can We Help You?




Adult Psychotherapy & Counselling (Kingston, Ontario)

Online Psychotherapy & Counselling (Ontario)

Therapy Intensives

"Walk-In" (aka "Single Session") appointments

WSIB Psychological Assessments

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)


We are located in Kingston, Ontario, but also offer convenient online therapy services to all of Ontario, which means that we often have clients see us from the Toronto/GTA, Ottawa, London, Sarnia, Niagara, Peterborough, Muskoka, Belleville, Napanee, Amherstview, Kingston, Wolfe Island, Gananoque, Sydenham, Glenburnie, Inverary, Rockport, Thousand Islands, and Brockville regions.

Convenient, online therapy from the comfort of your home.

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