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Client Care CEO

In-House Client Care CEO
(Full Time OR 2 Days per Week (days TBD), 8:00am - 5:00pm)

We are currently looking for experienced administrative team members to join our Psychotherapy Clinic. Our work team is made up of highly motivated, smart, results-oriented and compassionate individuals that strive to provide the best care to our clients. The ideal candidate will have strong technical skills, attention to detail, and the ability to multi-task in a dynamic work environment. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about providing meaningful service to the public and are committed to the success of our Clinic, too! (If you have a "meh, good enough" work narrative, this won't be a job where you feel you fit in.) 


If this sounds like an opportunity you would be interested in, please apply today!


  • You love helping and you make us wonder how we ever worked without you

  • You take pride in connecting with our clients, helping them feel valued and appreciated

  • You know that if you were seeking mental health care, you'd want to feel treated with respect, care, efficiency, and courtesy, and you expect nothing less of yourself in this role


  • You're done with corporate jobs that leave you feeling overlooked and unappreciated—you're ready for your hard work and dedication to be recognized and valued by your team

  • ​Just like our treatment providers, you love being a part of a team, and you take pride in providing top-notch service to our community of patrons


  • You feel called to be an invaluable source of support to an office that feels as much like a family as it does a workplace​​

  • You also respect others' time, and try to fix an issue or try to solve a problem or Google it yourself before you ask others or interrupt another person's paperwork time

  • You have excellent written and verbal interpersonal communication skills, strong attention to detail, and are a natural problem-solver and multitasker with the skills to whip our office into shape and keep it that way. Nobody is going to slip through the cracks on your watch - you guarantee it!


  • Email monitoring, bookkeeping, customer satisfaction expertise, referral management, office management, organization, general tidying up, and cookie-restocking (when we are back in-person and cookies are no longer viewed as a systematic opportunity for toxic virus transmission) are a few of the duties you’ll be enjoy fulfilling.


  • You’re a pro with using Slack, HelpScout, Quickbooks, GSuite (Docs, Sheets, Forms, & Calendar), and appointment-booking software. You know how to teach yourself new skills and you enjoy technology. You relish opportunities to learn how to improve our systems with your go-getter personality and your I-can-fix-it mental set when things turn a wee bit sideways!


  • You know your way around a laser printer, how to send a fax, send a package via courier, and address an envelope.​


  • At this time, we are only seeking applications from individuals with relevant job experience and a strong desire to find a work family to call home for a long-term job commitment

  • You are available for 16 hours a week over two eight-hour shifts - Mondays and Fridays, OR, you are looking for a full-time position to settle into for a good while.

  • You have an understanding of professional and approachable interpersonal communication, professional and approachable personal grooming and presentation, and you value making an effort to "show up" and make sure your customers are taken care of right (even if it is effortful at times).

  • Your written communication skills are bang-on. You know your, you're, they're, their, there, to, too, and even how and when to use a semicolon vs. a colon vs. a comma! While you could finesse these grammar badassery skills, you also know that the best way to communicate with our clients is via telephone, so you save your semicolons for when they're really needed, and otherwise you use your inner phone-operator to handle our clients like the extroverted unicorn you are!


  • A minimum of three years of administrative and/or receptionist experience with excellent references is ideal



Are we looking for a unicorn? Well, of course!! But we are an awesome office within which to work, so it is only fitting that we are seeking a unicorn to help keep it all running smoothly and sprinkle glitter in all the right places to keep us sparkling along. Amiright?!

If this sounds like you and your goal is to provide highly effective professional administrative magician services to us, please email our HR team, to and use the subject line "REQUESTING CUST CARE CEO APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS." Please attach a .pdf version of your resume and cover letter to this email for review by our HR Team. Be sure to tell us about yourself in your cover letter, explain how we'd be fools to try to work without you on the team, and use the word "relishable" if you can, for bonus points. We can't wait to learn more about you and find our next work-family member! Thank you!


If you are a good fit, you'll be contacted by us for an initial pre-screening interview, conducted virtually. We thank all applicants who apply, however, only those super-sparkly unicorns selected for an interview will be contacted. 

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