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Assessment & Diagnosis Services

WSIB Assessment & Diagnosis Services

Work has changed you.

You just want to feel better. The problem is, you don't know how.


An unbiased, professional opinion can lay a solid foundation for your healing. Our WSIB-funded assessments help you to: accurately understand the nature of your problems; determine which therapy programs and treatment plans are right for you; and, help you make informed decisions about the best next steps to take to help you feel better and get back to work.

Meet your Assessor,
Dr. Kris Boksman, Ph.D., C.Psych.

A Clinical Psychologist with training in the assessment and diagnosis of psychological disorders, including those arising from workplace injuries, Dr. Kris Boksman ("box-men") offers friendly, down-to-earth, git-er-done expedited assessments to help you get your claim adjudicated by WSIB so you can get on with getting your treatment services (if approved by WSIB, of course) and get on with your life.

Dr. Kris has been offering WSIB Assessments for over a decade, and is especially familiar with the nuances that occur within the workplaces of first responders, including fire, police, paramedic, nursing, ER, OR, dispatch, and Correctional settings.

Dr. Kris values clear and honest commuication, and will work with you to help you get your WSIB Psychological Assessment completed as quickly and comfortably as possible, while ensuring high quality services to you in order to make sure that your diagnosis is correct and the recommendations that WSIB needs to understand are clearly outlined.

Dr. Kris Boksman, C.Psych.

Where would you like to work?
Dr. Kris offers both online and in-person WSIB Psychological Assessment Services (in Kingston, Ontario)

Is a Psychologist WSIB Assessment with Dr. Kris Boksman right for me?

  • You’re having substantial problems at work after a major event or a series of very concerning events, and you are not sure how to start solving them, or if it is even possible TO solve them.


  • You’ve submitted a claim to the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) as a worker who has experienced a psychological injury in the workplace.


  • You have been given an 8-digit WSIB Claim Number and your WSIB Designate has told you that your next step is to receive a psychological assessment through the WSIB Community Mental Health Program (CMHP).

How it Works


Give us a call so we can find out a bit more about you and your assessment needs and make sure we can arrange your funding with WSIB.


A little prep work goes a long way—complete our online intake forms prior to your assessment. The psychologist will learn more about you before your appointment in order to cut down on the time you spend with her, and thereby cut down on your stress and wait time for the assessment to be completed.


During your assessment appointment, Dr. Boksman will get to know you and the history of your problems. She will ask you to provide information about your experiences so that she can do the best job possible at making recommendations for you to feel better. If you have a lengthy history,  more than one appointment may be necessary. Try not to worry. Dr. Kris doesn't bite, so long as you don't come to your appointment covered in donuts.

Give yourself the helping hand you need to get your life on track.

How Can We Help You?




We are located in Kingston, Ontario, but also offer convenient online therapy services to all of Ontario, which means that we often have clients see us from the Toronto/GTA, Ottawa, London, Sarnia, Niagara, Peterborough, Muskoka, Belleville, Napanee, Amherstview, Kingston, Wolfe Island, Gananoque, Sydenham, Glenburnie, Inverary, Rockport, Thousand Islands, and Brockville regions.

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