Limestone Clinic was one of the first psychotherapy clinics to shift to TeleHealth care in light of our global Coronavirus pandemic. We were born to think ahead! That's part of our awesomesauce!

We did this to take the safest route for our staff and our customers.

By taking early action to ensure everyone's health, we are able to remain open and to offer you unparalleled care with all the support you need during this historic time. We'll catch you online, or on the phone - that's Telehealth!. We are right here for you. We gotcha!


We offer single-session, "no long commitments necessary" Telehealth - online or phone-based - psychotherapy sessions to those in Ontario who need some extra professional support now. 

These sessions can be helpful for a variety of concerns and problems, to get you the help you need in a timely manner, without ridiculous waits. Single session appointments are not suitable for crisis situations. Check out more about our "walk-ins" and see if they are suitable for you.

Whoooo boy! This emotions stuff is really hard, especially now.

Our mission is to help our clients heal from their past to build a beautiful future. Using assessments and talk therapy, our experienced specialists help our clients with a wide variety of issues from anxiety and depression, to dealing with trauma. Don't let your problems stop you from enjoying life. We know what works, and we'll teach it to you.

What We Do

SO MUCH stuff is going on right now, and many of us had stuff going on before these global issues started getting a little more "real" than we imagined they would get.

Recent developments:


Can't stop thinking about this little global pandemic situation? (yup!)


Stuff that was happening before COVID-19:

You or your teen is bothered by negative feelings far too often.

It's hard to 'turn your brain off' to feel content, motivated, or relaxed.

You want to enjoy your life more, but you're so burnt out, stressed out, overwhelmed or worried that, you just can't enjoy much of anything.

Your anxiety and depression aren't going away - things are getting worse.

You can no longer pretend that trauma isn't impacting you greatly.

You are ready to make some serious changes.

Any of that sound familiar?

These types of problems aren't just "hard," they really, really suck. And now they suck in social isolation, which makes it all that much harder.


And also, kudos to you for looking into solutions, because it can be legit hard to be hopeful for change and to reach out. And hard to follow up and really make things happen.

Mental health isn't just for the people lucky enough to have had great childhoods. Mental health *is* something you can get help with. We want to help you get the improvements that will make your life better. Better mental health makes us physically healthier and more resilient in tough times. You deserve this, and now we need you and your resilience more than ever.


 Are you ready to invest in your recovery?

No gimmicks or shortcuts, we just do what works.

At Limestone Clinic, we totally understand that looking into psychological support for things like anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma/PTSD, gender creativity in kids, parenting support, adapting to life with ADD/ADHD or a learning disability, and personal emotional wellness is kind of intimidating (or even scary as heck!!!).


We understand deep emotional pain, and we aren't the kinds of mental health professionals who make you feel crazy, we will not shame you for struggling, and we do not value keeping clients in therapy for years and years. We want you to feel good about seeing us. And we feel great about helping our clients learn and grow.

With a mix of experience, science, professional tools, a great ability to connect with you as a fellow human being, a deep desire to help our community, and a hearty dose of good humour, our services help to give your troubles a butt-whoopin'. 


Our team of psychologists, social workers, and psychotherapists are here to help kids, adults, couples, and families in person in the Kingston, Ontario region, as well as across Ontario through our Virtual Online Services options.

Are you ready to commit to your wellness and take the first steps toward feeling better again? Give us a call to get started on your wellness plan today.

Who We Are

We help teens, adults, and couples from all backgrounds and walks of life to start feeling better. Our supportive team of therapists are ready to join you on your journey to transforming your life. Be prepared to laugh, feel understood, and get the help you've been seeking.

Interested in working with us?

We’re a growing practice of licensed mental health professionals online and in Kingston, Ontario. We value a lovely work team, collegiality and friendship, as well as a highly effective, client-centred treatment approach. Find out more about our career options and become a part of the Limestone Clinic team.


Office Hours

During the Coronavirus we are doing our part to maintain safe distances for all. Our entire staff is working from home, and our office is not presently open to the public.

Our phones are answered during the following times:

Mon – Fri  9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Saturday – Sunday, Closed

Online therapy hours vary by practitioner.

Please be patient with us during the COVID crisis, as our ability to connect with you quickly may be impacted by working from home and caring for family members. Please be sure to leave us a message so we know to get back to you.

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We are available to treat anyone in Ontario. You must be physically located in Ontario to receive treatment services.


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