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Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, or PTSD?

Are you ready to FEEL BETTER?

We understand how hard it can be to manage this kind of emotional sludge. That’s why Limestone Clinic Kingston Counselling & Psychotherapy is here to help. Our team of experienced (and actually nice) core staff and clinical consultants specializes in treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other fun stuff like that through psychotherapy and value-added, integrated treatment approaches. 

Here at Limestone Clinic Kingston Counselling & Psychotherapy, we strive to create a approachable, genuine, supportive space where clients will be lovingly and professionally nudged to work through things they might rather "keep in the box" – while maintaining our senses of humour and appreciation of the real struggles of living on this giant ball of stardust post-pandemic!


You asked and we delivered! We now have therapists who have expertise in Grief & LossOCD, Erectile Dysfunction, Pornography Addiction, and Gottman-Certified Couples treatments. We are working hard to bring you the latest developments as well as classically trained just-plain-good-results therapies for some of the problems that are harder to find good providers for, locally. You're welcome!


In addition to our gold-standard weekly therapy offerings, we offer single-session, "no long commitments necessary" appointments - Single Sessions with our psychotherapists can be helpful for a variety of concerns and problems, to get you the help you need in a timely manner, without ridiculous waits. Single session appointments are not suitable for crisis situations. Check out more about our "walk-ins" and see if they are suitable for you.

Welcome to Limestone Clinic Kingston Counselling & Psychotherapy


Truth is, sometimes life just plain sucks and it's the nicest thing you can do for yourself is go to therapy.

Other times, you need therapy to help you deal with the other people in your life who won't go to therapy.

We get it. We know how to help.
We got you, boo.

We know how to help. Expert Treatment of Anxiety, Depression, & Trauma in Eastern Ontario

We are an often-imitated-never-duplicated team of smart, funny, experienced, professional (and humble) psychologists, psychotherapists & admin support staff.

We may be licensed health care providers, but don't hold that against us! We take your problems seriously, and otherwise, we like to stay loose and have fun.


We are Kingston's experts in the use of talk therapy counselling methods to help people change problematic patterns of thoughts, moods, or behaviours - otherwise, we're great at helping to get YOU back to the you that you want to be.

We specialize in the use of talk-based and brain-based treatments of anxiety, depression, and trauma, and all the other stuff that comes with it (difficult childhoods, burnout, perfectionism, people-pleasing, never feeling "good enough," deep-seated resentment, problems managing anger, food-based coping, and more).


Truth? We do things differently. We are innovators. You would be well-served to keep reading as to why!

We disagree with idea that you have to be in therapy for years and years to get results.


We disagree that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the only treatment out there that counts (tho, it is often pretty darn helpful). We believe that therapists do their best when they really connect with their clients and get to know what makes each person's situation unique, then work with THAT, instead of assign you things, page for page, out of a treatment manual.

The proof is in the pudding. (mmmm pudding...)

We're darn good at what we do, and our clients graduate from therapy quickly, and get on with living their excellent lives. That's what matters.  

Let's be real. What do we aim for? GLOBAL DOMINATION.

Ooops. Wait. That's next year. Right now, we want DONUTS, and of course, to help you feel happy, healthy, and less burdened by emotional f*ckery. Yep.

We help 18+ adults (from the very newest adults to those aged with distinction) to start feeling better. Our supportive team of counsellors and psychotherapists are ready to join you on your journey to transforming your life. Be prepared to laugh, feel understood, and get the help you've been seeking. Donuts optional.

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What We Do

Our purpose is to help our clients heal from their past to build a beautiful future. Using talk therapy, innovative techniques, and whilst retaining our senses of humour, our experienced specialists help our clients with a wide variety of issues from anxiety and depression, to dealing with trauma. Don't let your problems stop you from enjoying life. We know what works, and we'll teach it to you.

We are located in Kingston, Ontario, but also offer convenient online therapy services to all of Ontario, which means that we often have clients see us from the regions of Toronto/GTA, Ottawa, London, Sarnia, Niagara, Peterborough, Muskoka, Belleville, Napanee, Amherstview, Kingston, Wolfe Island, Gananoque, Sydenham, Glenburnie, Inverary, Rockport, Thousand Islands, Brockville, Picton & Smiths Falls.

You are SO READY to feel better.

SO MUCH STUFF is going on right now. Many of us had stuff percolating before these global issues got real. And here we are, at the end of a shared experience that has changed us all forever.

So, we want to ask you - how are you doing? Like, REALLY doing? Is it time for a hand up?

Is it hard to hold out hope for positive news you can really have faith in?  Is living in pandemic limbo-land dragging you down? Are you feeling like you're living out the movie Groundhog Day in your forevermore additionally socially-distanced life, with very little variety day to day, week to week, plus little-to-no connection with others, and a feeling of desperation for some sense of normalcy in your life? Is it feeling hard to really take action in your healthy self-care routine, and like you'd rather numb-out with Netflix, a box of Cocoa Bistro, some Mr. Beast bars, and a steady stream of DoorDash? (mmm Insomnia Cookies and an order of Szechuan Eggplant please?)


Here are some signs that your emotional health has taken a beating:

You are bothered by negative feelings far too often.

You feel "meh" but you don't know what to do about it. 

It's hard to 'turn your brain off' to feel content, motivated, or relaxed.

You want to enjoy your life more, but you're so burnt out, stressed out, overwhelmed or worried that, you just can't enjoy much of anything.

Your anxiety and depression aren't going away - things are getting worse. (thanks a lot Corona)

You can no longer pretend that trauma isn't impacting you greatly.


You are sick and tired of this crap and you're feeling like you are really ready to make some serious changes, but you're kind of flummoxed about what to actually do next.

Can I get a "Hell yeah!?"

These types of problems aren't just "hard," they really, really, really suck. And now they suck in social isolation, with home-schooling, and you haven't been out fora date night with your sweetheart in a year, and, and.... and all the things that make it all that much harder.


But, if we may -- kudos to you for looking into solutions.

(pat on the back - did you feel that?) because it can be legit hard to be hopeful for change, to seek out possibilities, and to reach out. And hard to follow up and really make things happen. I mean, how do you make emotional growth happen in the middle of worldwide suckage?

Well, if we may be bold enough to say it, mental health isn't just for the people lucky enough to have had great childhoods. Mental health *is* something you can get help with. And, if the last time you reached out you ended up in an office with a person handing you an energy crystal, some essential oils, and suggesting that if you were just more mindful, need to put your bare feet in dirt to ground yourself, or chant enough ohm's, or can finally get your heels down in downward dog, that was your key to success? Well, no wonder you're skeptical. 


Our team of down-to-Earth-yet-actually-effective therapists wants to help you get the improvements that will make your life better. And we really do know how to help get you there.


Better mental health makes us physically healthier and more resilient in tough times. You deserve this, and now we need you and your resilience more than ever.


 Are you ready to invest in yourself?

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No gimmicks or fluffernutter shortcuts.

Feeling better is our jam, and we're here to spread it.

At Limestone Clinic, we totally understand that looking into counselling support for things like anger, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma/PTSD, phobias, inflexible eating patterns/orthorexia, stopping bad habits, and optimizing your personal emotional wellness is kind of intimidating (or even scary as you-know-what!!!).


We understand deep emotional pain, and we aren't the type of mental health professionals who make you feel like we think you're cray-cray, or who stare at you from behind a desk with our big shiny clipboards and granny glasses. Nope. 


We will not shame you for struggling, we applaud your strength. We do not value keeping clients in therapy for years and years - nooooo way! - that other clinic that wants to create "evergreen" clients who stagnate on those therapy sofas can do that kind of therapy. Nope. That's not us.


Our job is empowering ACTUAL change.

We want our clients IN and then OUT.

In and then out? What does that mean? Don't you want to work with me? Come on, silly! Of course we do. But we also want OUR clients to get motivated as HECK for a life without that distress and regulation.

Anxiety? Screw that!

Depression? F-You, Misery!

Trauma, Flashbacks? HECKITY HECK!

Out of control thoughts, worry, do you wanna keep feeling like Eeyore? OH HELL NO.

We are going to challenge you as best as we know how, to grow the crap out of your hard circumstances. We aim for nothing but crazy-as-heck-transformational therapy. Boo-yaw!

We want you to feel good about seeing us. We want you to kick butt at getting better. And then we want you to FIRE US right after that.

We feel great about helping our clients learn and grow - quickly, professionally, effectively, ethically.

How do we do it? With a mix of the following ingredients, our services can help you to give your troubles a sh*t-kickin:

  • experience, science, and professional tools;

  • radical candor and common sense;

  • a great ability to connect with you as a fellow human being;

  • a deep desire to help members of our community grow and prosper;

  • enough time to make a realistic change (because healing isn't exactly an overnight process); and, don't forget,

  • a hearty dose of good humour and humility.


Our team of therapists are here to help adults in the Kingston, Ontario region, as well as across Ontario through our Telehealth/Virtual Services.

Are you sick and tired of "therapy" that doesn't result in change? Are you ready to commit to your wellness and take the first steps toward feeling better again? YOU are our kind of client.

Give us a ringle-dingle right now! It's the fastest way to get started!!

Work with Limestone Clinic

Interested in working with us?

We’re a growing practice of licensed mental health professionals online and in Kingston, Ontario. We value a lovely work team, collegiality and friendship, openness, genuineness, and leaving your ego at the friggin door. We offer a highly effective, client-centred treatment approach and, with respect and honesty, we help each other learn and grow to innovate, challenge ourselves, and most importantly, to get our clients where they need to go. We don't expect each other to be perfect, but we expect each other to show up, do our best, and be accountable.

Does this sound like you? Find out more about our career options and become a part of the most refreshing and *real* practice in Ontario - the Limestone Clinic team.

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