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Jessica Lankmann

Anxiety Annihilator & Trauma Torpedo-er
Clinical Director/Supervisor




Jessica is a sharp and enthusiastic therapist with a knack for rapidly minimizing anxiety who is also known for her behavioural change expertise. She is motivated to help her clients quickly and efficiently. As our Top-Dog (a.k.a., Clinical Director), Jessica leads our therapist team with know-how and proficiency.

Jessica offers supportive cognitive and behaviour therapy to individuals experiencing anxiety, eating and other behaviour problems, burnout and stress, adjustment problems, psychological injuries, including PTSD, and those who wish to change health habits and lifestyle for the better.

Jessica Lankmann
Verifired by Psychology Today
Verifired by Psychology Today
Works online
Works in-person
Works in-person
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I'm nosey, tell me more...

What made you decide to choose your role as a therapist?

The moment I realized the beauty in my own vulnerability, I knew I wanted the honour of showing clients the internal change(s) that occurs when we are our most authentic. It soon became apparent to me that healing and growth are relational, both in the therapeutic setting and outside in the world.

What is one common misconception about therapy that you'd like to debunk?

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Tell us something about yourself that no one else knows

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How do you maintain your own mental health and wellbeing?

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What treatment methods does Dr. Kris use?

  • Brainspotting

  • CBT

  • CPT

  • Intensives

  • EMDR

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