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Limestone Academy

Introducing Limestone Academy!


(MAY 2023 & SEPTEMBER 2023)



Limestone Academy offers mentorship and supervision for a limited number of specially selected, top-notch students who are interested to up-level their therapy game for expertly and efficiently healing depression and anxiety. We have invested resources into MacGyvering up our systems and processes for this practicum experience, and we are ready to go full bore into making you a better therapist!

We are interested to work with students who are seeking practicum placements of duration 8 months (or longer), and who can commit to 2 full days practice per week.

We are accepting applications for placements.


  • You believe in making the most of your student training opportunities, and don't half-ass things;

  • You are excited and energized at the thought of co-creating new-and-improved life trajectories with adult (18+) individual therapy clients who are interested in and motivated for therapy, relative to working in a setting where you may or may not be able to help clients achieve real change;


  • You are approachable and genuine, yet also uber-professional, ethical, organized, well-trained, driven to learn and achieve stellar clinical results, *amazing* with computers, and you are pretty flexible and can roll with the punches;​

  • You have BADASS boundaries and recognize that it is not your job to help or save everyone, nor is this even realistically possible or a good idea;

  • You are aligned with our core value of inclusivity and acceptance, and you respect and honour different ethnicities, identities, sexual orientations and lifestyles;

  • (regarding the above-noted bullet point, it is worth noting that you are also a best-fit if you are not put off by a wee modicum of colourful swearing that may occur from time to time, especially by Dr. Kris (sorry, not sorry, well, sorta sorry));

  • You are able and willing to come to work in the office in person, if our pandemic ends before your practicum placement ends, AND, you have an excellently functioning telephone and computer with webcam and video-streaming capabilities, a good headset/microphone combo, a 100% private and confidential place from which to work, and a willingness to connect to clients virtually for the duration of your practicum, if the pandemic does not end before your placement. You understand that if we are back to working in person, we will expect you to work with us in person, as this facilitates more opportunities for student learning from the entire team, and we don't believe in accepting less-than learning opportunities when a better option is available;

  • You are honest about your strengths and your "opportunity areas," in your placement application, as you see no point in lying to people who will, upon commencement of working with you, soon figure out if you lied about the extent of your skills, anyways;

  • You are good at following directions, rules, and protocols respectfully, and understand that these exist for very good reasons even if the reasons are not immediately apparent to you;

  • You have excellent interpersonal communication skills, a strong attention to detail, and you can *type* with *accuracy* for logins and electronic records (we are a paperless office). This means that you won't mess up your login and make us reset your passwords on the regular because your typing is so error-prone;

  • You are willing to invest your own work on yourself, or have had positive personal therapy experience(s) already (as the best therapists are therapists who have therapy experience as clients, who know what it's like to sit in "the other chair," who don't look down on those in that chair, and who can identify their own countertransference triggers and challenges);

  • You love being a part of a team, especially with others who are invested in providing exceptionally high-quality services to the community;

  • You are intending to work as a licensed registered psychotherapy provider in Ontario once you complete your degree;

  • You are available to work on the clinic's stated practicum student days and understand that our office operates Mondays, to Fridays, 8:30-5:00pm, (except stat holidays, of course). You will receive an assignment of two days within that span. You agree to not ask for other days or hours for your practicum because you read the previous sentence. You get we can't change how we operate our business to accommodate a student placement, and that you may need to do some bending and flexing to make this work with what we are able to provide. You also realize that working at the same hours as the rest of the team is the best way for you to learn as much as you can.

  • You are aware that the research demonstrates that people perform better when they are economically invested in a training or therapy endeavour, and you are willing and able to pay the $99 + tax per month Supervision Fee;


  • You are willing to get training in Brainspotting during the first four months of your practicum, or (BONUS BONUS) you have already gotten training in Brainspotting and are interested to use it at Limestone Academy, in an integrated fashion with other therapy modalities.

  • You have signed up for, or (BONUS BONUS, BONUS!) have completed the online CPT training through the USVA or have attended another training in Cognitive Processing Therapy for trauma in person/online.

  • You will find a way to say a friendly "hello" to the Pink Baby Elephant who lives at Limestone Clinic HR in your cover letter, to show us that you are paying careful attention to the application process.



If this sounds like you and your goal is to train to be an amazing, astute clinician to provide highly effective professional therapy services, please follow the application instructions to a "T" in the Google Form below.​

Take me to the Practicum Application!

Please do not phone, email, fax, or mail in a resume or a letter inquiring about our Academy program as an alternate way of applying. Alternate and incomplete applications will not be considered.

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