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Early Bird Admin Assistant
(Monday-Friday, 7:00am - 8:30am)

What's a Virtual Early Bird, you ask? Well we're so glad you want to know more! The Limestoners' Virtual Early Bird is a team member who works like a Ninja in the Night (except, as it happens, not at night but when the rest of us are eating our Cheerios!), to conduct a wee bit of essential business to support the team before the office opens. It's a nice, succinct role, with some technical skills, communication skills, good routine, and good attention to problem-solving with just a dollop of common-sense application, when needed.

Our early bird gets the financial steps completed and the overnight cancellation and rebooking requests fielded, so that when the team arrives at the office, the calendar is up to date, the credit cards have been processed, and we are all starting off on a good footing. And the Early Bird does it all before most of us have had our first coffees of the day!

If you like to get your day started with a sense of administrative badassery, effectiveness, and earn yourself a little mad money while you're at it - read on!


  • You love helping and you make us wonder how we ever worked without you.

  • You are happy to work mostly independently in a routine role without too many surprises. You like the routine task list and the sense of accomplishment from doing the job well on the regular.

  • You are not intimidated by computers or a business that is run completely online. You enjoy learning new software and don't shut down if you encounter a problem - sometimes the early bird has to poke the earth a few times before they get the worm, after all!

  • You feel comfortable being team-adjacent, since you are working before the team gets to the office and you do not need high-touch management or contact since you know your hours are different from those of the majority of the team.


  • You take pride in the comprehensiveness of your efforts! You are good at problem-solving and will use appropriate problem-solving and common sense if something unexpected occurs, before turning on the bat-signal or leaving the problem-solving for someone else to do. If you know that need help, you go right ahead and turn on that friggin bat signal, and you are clear about what you need and how the rest of our team can best support you while you support them. Our team has no Rapunzel that just sits in a tower and waits for someone to just come rescue her - but if needed, you can make smoke signals from your tower and use a trumpet to clearly communicate when necessary!

  • ​Even though you are not often at work when the team is, you will make efforts to connect, get to know the team, and be friendly and interact with us! (early bird is EARLY not INVISIBLE!)​​

  • You have excellent written and verbal interpersonal communication skills, strong attention to detail, and are a natural problem-solver and multitasker with the skills to whip our office into shape and keep it that way. Nobody is going to slip through the cracks on your watch - you guarantee it!


  • Email and phone monitoring, billing credit cards, direct customer communications via phone (first priority) and email (if needed), tactful customer handling (e.g., when someone's card is declined, you have no qualms about calling them to address the issue but you know how to do this professionally and courteously), and updating staff about important events that occurred during your shift are your main tasks.​


  • This position can be virtual or in-person.

  • At this time, we are only seeking applications from individuals with relevant job experience and a strong desire to find a work family to call home for a long-term job commitment

  • You are available for 7.5 hours a week over five 1.5 hour shifts - Monday through Friday

  • Optimally, you're flexible and want to help when we get in a jam - you have an interest in working longer shifts, periodically, to help the clinic cover administrative team members' vacations, doctors appointments, or sick days.

  • You have an understanding of professional and approachable interpersonal communication, professional and approachable personal grooming and presentation, and you value making an effort to "show up" and make sure your customers are taken care of right (even if it is effortful at times)


  • A minimum of three years of administrative and/or receptionist experience with excellent references is ideal



Are we looking for a unicorn? NO we are looking for an Early Bird - maybe a Phoenix? Regardless of mythical creature status, we just want some nice, accountable folk to help us keep all the things running smoothly. Not too much to ask for, right?!


If this sounds like you and your goal is to provide highly effective professional team-assisting services to us, please email our HR team, to and use the subject line "REQUESTING EARLY BIRD ADMIN ASSISTANT APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS." Please attach a .pdf version of your resume and cover letter to this email for review by our HR Team. We can't wait to read your application! Thank you!


If you are a good fit, you'll be contacted by us for an initial pre-screening interview, conducted virtually. We thank all applicants who apply, however, only those super-sparkly unicorns selected for an interview will be contacted. 

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