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Coronavirus Paperwork Package

Okay, deep breath! This stuff is getting pretty real pretty quick!

Our various professional organizations have provided us with links to WHO and CDC websites, but what do we ACTUALLY DO in real life here where the rubber hits the road? LINKS DO NOT HELP as much as we would like when one has to implement policy stuff on one's own. Amiright?

It is important to consider that as a business owner/service provider you are obligated to act responsibly to take efforts to protect both your employees and your service recipients given the current climate of virus infection risk. Having official policies in place will help safeguard you against workplace injury claims and accusations of infection from clients who have attended your workplace. In short, you can save yourself some headache, nuisance, and worry about liability or how to handle the pandemic by having a set of policies and instructions in place.

I've got a basic set of policies already put together to assist you to make a policy package that will work for your business. I've kept the price lower than what you'd charge for a single session (or what your group practice would charge in a single hour), and my hope is that this gives you a solid starting point to work out EXACTLY how you are going to work in your therapy practice given COVID-19 and it's practical realities.

Is this package going to be exactly what everyone needs? Probably not. I work in Ontario, Canada, and not everyone will be able to implement the same policies exactly as written. But, you'll be able to modify the digitally delivered policies to suit your particular practice setup.


I am not an attorney, and these are not vetted legal documents. None of the download should be construed as legal advice. These are intended to help you get started, to think practical matters through, and to save you time as you implement your own policies. You may wish to obtain your own legal consultation regarding how you implement anything in this paperwork package. This package is simply a nice starting point. With this package you can save time and get your feet on the ground in minutes.

Select your Coronavirus Paperwork Package

  • Policy for Staff

  • Policy for Clients

  • List of Practical Considerations for Safety

  • Cleaning Checklists

  • Peace of Mind

  • Fully Customizable


All proceeds from this endeavour will be used to provide scholarships for our office's interns and students to attend trauma training workshops.

You can feel great that the money you spend will have a positive ripple-effect in the world.