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Client Care CEO

Co-Op Ninja Placement
(2024 Terms)


  • You love helping, even if it means bouncing around your day doing a variety of bouncy things (i.e., this job may be quite dynamic and you have to be able to roll with change (or bounce))

  • You're looking for a co-op placement that is never boring and where your contribution never makes a difference

  • You read the typo above and went, "Huh?" because you have awesome attention to detail

  • You want to see what the "real life" of health care businesshood in a non-OHIP-funded health care setting is like

  • You are interested to work in-person in our Kingston office (this position MAY be flexible, but an in-person relationship is always preferred and affords the best learning opportunities for you)

  • You will take pride in connecting with our staff and our clients, helping them feel valued and appreciated

  • You know that if you were seeking mental health care, you'd want to feel treated with respect, care, efficiency, and courtesy, and you expect nothing less of yourself as you support the office in this role​

  • ​Just like our treatment providers, you love being a part of a team, and you take pride in providing top-notch service to your employer and its clients


  • You feel called to be an invaluable source of support to an office that feels as much like a family as it does a workplace​​

  • You respect others' time, and try to fix an issue or try to solve a problem or Google it yourself before you ask others or interrupt another person's paperwork time

  • You have excellent written and verbal interpersonal communication skills, strong attention to detail

  • You are 1000% comfortable working in a technology-heavy office, with everything in the cloud

  • Being a young-at-heart brainiac, you will have ideas and technology suggestions to share with our team if you see something we could be doing better or more efficiently


  • Email monitoring, engaging with customers in a support role, office tasks and light office management, organization, general tidying up, and cookie-restocking (when we are back in-person and cookies are no longer viewed as a systematic opportunity for toxic virus transmission) are a few of the duties you’ll be happily handling


  • You’re a pro with using your computer, and feel you can learn our interoffice messaging (Slack) and our email management (HelpScout) and our everything else GSuite, and appointment-booking software with your hands tied behind your back - you love a great challenge and you generally find software intuitive and easy


  • You know your way around a laser printer, how to send a fax, send a package via courier, and address an envelope

  • You welcome the opportunity to show us how professional you are. You'd never say "Yuup" to a customer who thanked you for something, and you know how to dress and speak professionally (while we value the style of slouchy knit hats, we also know they are not for the health care setting)

  • You love cute little dogs and you know that sometimes they need to be taken outside to pee​, and you're completely OK with also being the Ninja for doodie patrol, when necessary


  • We want self-driven, kind, compassionate, friendly, outgoing, and bright students to work with us, and we'd ideally love to have students return to work with us more than once, or have a longer co-op work term (i.e., 8 months is great! Tho, 4 months is also totally cool).

  • You have an understanding of professional and approachable interpersonal communication, professional and approachable personal grooming and presentation, and you value making an effort to "show up" and make sure your team is taken care of right (even if it is effortful at times)​



Are we looking for a very special applicant? Yes! But we are an awesome office within which to work, so it is only fitting that we are seeking a young, bouncy unicorn to help keep it all running smoothly. Amiright?!

If this sounds like you and your goal is to provide highly effective professional executive assisting services to us, please email our HR team, to and use the subject line "REQUESTING CO-OP APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS." Please attach a .pdf version of your resume and cover letter to this email for review by our HR gurus. We can't wait to read your application! Thank you!


If you are a good fit, you'll be contacted by us for an initial pre-screening interview, conducted virtually. We thank all applicants who apply, however, only those super-sparkly unicorns selected for an interview will be contacted. 

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