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Child Therapies

Because your kid is a superhero, but has run into some kryptonite.


Nobody likes to see their child suffering. It really stinks being a parent who wants to help, but feeling like your hands are tied. You want to make a difference for the most important human being in the galaxy - your amazing kid.

This is how you can help. We have therapists who work with art, play, and talk-based approaches that help kids learn how to manage this complex world of thoughts, feelings and impulses.

Schedule your parent interview and let's get this ball rolling.

Which kids are right for Child Therapy services?

  • Your child is struggling with anxiety, sadness, long-term illness, grief/loss, bullying, or gender creativity


  • You’re having trouble helping him or her cope in a fashion that is sustainable or manageable for your family


  • Things are getting worse, or simply not getting better, and you are ready for a change

  • You have a strong desire to invest in a talk- or activity-based solution that offers your child a professional, neutral helper who is solidly in their corner

  • You’re ready to commit to your child's wellness through weekly therapy sessions

How it Works


Book your free, 15-minute phone consultation with one of our therapists to determine suitability and fit for working together.


In your parenting intake interview, we’ll take a deep-dive into your child's history, and come to a decision about moving forward.


Through weekly sessions, your awesome kid and our therapist will work as a team to help your child achieve the results s/he is seeking.

Parenting is super hard! (Oh boy, do we get it)

We are here to help your family thrive.